Thursday, October 28, 2010

motor Bajaj - Pulsar - 2007

Rp. 10,50 jt
Adam K, Phone : 0813-81328410, Location : Kalimalang.
Date : 28 October 2010

stnk baru perpanjang. terawat. siap pakai

Merk : Bajaj. Model : Pulsar. Tahun Kendaraan: 2007. Jenis Transmisi: Manual. Kapasitas Mesin: 180 cc. Silinder Mesin: 2. Kilometer: 30,000 Km. Warna: Blue. Tanda Nomor Kendaraan Bermotor: B - 6225 - KLP (Jakarta). Jenis Bahan Bakar: Premium. Velg: Racing. Jenis Tak : 4 Tak. Tanggal berakhir STNK: 06/10/2010. Kondisi: Bagus.

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Bajaj - Pulsar - 2007

Price : Rp. 10.50 mil.
Item :
Seller :Contact : Adam K, 0813-81328410, Kalimalang..

new stnk renew. maintained. ready-made

Brand: Bajaj. Model: Pulsar. Vehicle Year: 2007. Transmission Type: Manual. Engine Capacity: 180 cc. Engine Cylinders: 2. Kilometers: 30,000 Km. Color: Blue. No sign of Motor Vehicles: B - 6225 - KLP (Jakarta). Fuel type: Premium. Wheels: Racing. Type No: 4 No. Expired vehicle registration date: 06/10/2010. Condition: Good.

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